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Meeting Minutes from 9/29/2016

  • Welcome – Attendees: Wolfgang, Elnora, Eric, Brittney, Jen, Catherine, Paul; and Berta on the phone.
  • Minutes from last meeting were unanimously approved.
  • Reports from groups
  • Jen attended part of the Sept 13 panel on managing fears and welcoming diversity.
  • Biographies for website was agreed that people will either send links to their current UF website bios and/or send a bio to be posted on the LGBTQ website.
  • oSTEM conference will be in November in Denver. The oSTEM group at UF mainly consists of sophomores. Nicole is the faculty advisor. Several students will go the conference in Denver. Wolfgang will be there having a recruiting desk for grad students for HWCOE. Wolfgang will meet with oSTEM UF chapter president Hunter on 9/30.
  • Strategic proposal to UF for expanding women’s center: Dean Dave Richardson and Associate Dean Mary Watt met with Bonnie Moradi, LB Hannahs and myself to discuss the proposal for strategic investing in the center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research to strengthen LGBTQ research, teaching, and service.  The discussion was very fruitful and the Dean made a very strong proposal, to “make UF the top institution to study (and work) in FL for LGBTQ+ people.” We also discussed that the enhancement of research, teaching, and service in the field of LGBTQ+ studies should be a key strategic investment of the university to make this happen. As a next step the dean will meet with you to discuss this matter.  I just wanted to give you a heads up on the positive meeting outcome and to let you know that the LGBTQ+ advisory committee continues to work on this.
  • Wolfgang received the DSA Award: The Special Recognition Outside the Division Award recognizes the efforts of faculty and staff from other UF units that support student success at UF.  We recognize both individuals and those who enter into collaborative efforts and partnerships for special projects.
  • This is what was said at the ceremony: The work of supporting students and creating an inclusive campus environment cannot be done by one person or one department. The Division of Student Affairs’ mission is enhanced by supportive faculty that give their time and passion to serving students outside of the classroom. Dr. Wolfgang Sigmund, Professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering, and chair of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee has been instrumental in furthering the University’s work serving the LGBTQ community. Since taking on the chair role, Dr. Sigmund has advocated for more resources and a name change to the Department of Women’s Studies and Gender Research to amplify Sexuality Studies at the University of Florida. As one of the only openly gay faculty members in the College of Engineering, he advises the College of Engineering student organization OSTEM – Out in Science, Engineering, and Math and serves as a mentor to LGBTQ students in the college. His presence in the College of Engineering serves as a role model for so many students who struggle to see openly LGBTQ people in leadership positions. This summer we were collectively stunned by the tragic events that took place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Many folks came together to stand in solidarity with the victims and the city of Orlando. Dr. Wolfgang Sigmund was one of those people who worked hard to support the UF LGBTQ community, organizing outreach efforts to LGBTQ faculty and staff, and taking part of the Pulse Memorial at Century Tower. Dr. Wolfgang Sigmund balances an impressive academic career with service to both the University and the LGBTQ community on campus. His active involvement with students and his work to improve campus climate makes him a worthy recipient of this year’s Special Recognition Award. Please help me congratulate, Dr. Wolfgang Sigmund.
  • Pride will be in October. More at the next meeting
  • LGBT student welcome in HWCOE – First time in engineering college history the administration held a welcome event for new and current LGBTQ students.
  • Trans health update was given by Catherine UF Student Health Care Center – LGBTQ+ Care & Resources: http://shcc.ufl.edu/services/specialty-care/lgbtq-care-resources/
  • Jason Collins (first openly gay NBA player) on Campus 11 am Sept. 30 Turlington Plaza
  • Several diversity trainings on campus in development by Roxie – she will provide update at one of the next meetings? We need to check that there is coordination on campus on such trainings, e.g. contact COD.
  • Representative needed for Council of Diversity meetings on 10/05 – from 10:00AM – 11:30 AM – meeting at the president’s conference room; Jen volunteered.
  • Future meetings of COD are:

11/02 – from 3:00PM – 4:30PM- meeting at the president’s conference room.

11/30 – from 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM – meeting at the HR.

12/07 – luncheon with president Fuchs from 12:00 – 1:30PM – at the president’s conference room.

  • Book chapter subgroup was formed – writers/contributors are Brittney, Jen, Wolfgang, Peter. Deadline is Oct. 7 for abstract and Jan 27 for paper. http://www.riseinsolidarity.org/news/call-for-chapters-queering-the-deep-south
  • 2 hour LGBT town hall meeting for Campus Climate survey – doodle poll will be send out for an October/November meeting. Coordination with Jodi and Jeanne-Marie.
  • It was decided that the following topics will be discussed in more detail at the next 3 meetings:
  • Development – establish a list of identifiable needs
  • Art display
  • Self-identification for faculty, students, staff
  • Goal: Make the University of Florida the top institution to study (and work) in Florida for LGBTQ people.

Meeting rooms for the rest of the semester – Infirmary building, basement level, conference room.

Meeting dates are October 18 – Tuesday 10:40 am to noon

November 8 – Tuesday 10:40 am to noon

Dec 1 – Thursdays 9th period (4:05 pm to 5:05 pm)