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The Committee

The LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee is appointed through the Faculty Senate committee nomination process. Members are appointed for staggered three year terms. The committee is made up of faculty, staff and student representatives from various departments and divisions. Formal and informal liaisons exists between Multicultural & Diversity Affairs (including LGBT Affairs), Human Resources, UF Police Department, The Counseling and Wellness Center, and The President’s Council on Diversity.

Our Purpose

  • Serve as a vehicle for a systematic and periodic assessment of the quality of life of LGBTQ+ individuals at the University and make recommendations regarding the need for educational programming, establishment of specific services and programs, and other similar matters.
  • Examine and recommend revisions in university policies and procedures having potentially negative consequences for LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Serve as a forum to which various individuals and groups can express concerns related to issues of homophobia and transphobia.

Committee Members


  • Harrison Hove
  • Joni Hubbard
  • David Huelsman
  • David Leavitt
  • Cecilia Luna
  • Cydney McGlothlin
  • Eric Money
  • Bonnie Moradi
  • Jane Morgan-Daniel
  • Ryan F. Need
  • Georges Obayi
  • Tiffany Richards
  • Jennifer Rothschild
  • Sarah Rowlinson
  • Paul Sell
  • Rachel Silveri
  • Rachel Slivon
  • Fran Smith
  • Ryan Wilder